Monday, February 28, 2011

SUNCREAM Sumbawa Oil

SUNCREAM Sumbawa Oil

cv mahesa pusaka asli

SUNCREAM Sumbawa Oil

For the net of neuro/ muscle and penetrate until the bone

special instruction:

1. painful of muscle, foot, hand, difficult to sleep : oily on shoulden, back, hollowup to tigh.

2. stomach ache, head ache : oily like no 1 and stomach, chest , tempes, forehead

3. head ache : oily like no 1 + hafe of neck


-0.01 ml ekalitus oil
-0.04 Lemongrass oil
-mitil salisilat
-0.7 mg menthol cristal



-for help the relief of symtoms of arthritis, lumbago, sciatica and mascular pain.

-good for sprained, painful of muscle, reumathic, Intra-Uterine ,

- good for commond colds and its symtoms such as fever, headache, nausea, flatulence

-anti acne, anti itchy, anti blotch, anti mushroom, anti flea, anti dandruff, anti insect


-stabler muscle and bone

-no alcohol

Usage direction;
- 6 years up ( not to be by infants)
-wash the hand with soap after use ssuncream.
-good for any weather / seasons
-for external use only, ( do not eat) ! ! !
-keep out of reach of children

Rp. 20.000/botol
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